Education is a human right. Everyone has to be able to afford it!

Edeltraud offers the most inexpensive German courses of Munich. And what’s more: All offers of the German Conversation Club Munich are free for our students!

In the following you can register yourself for a certain class, you will find the schedules of our current classes, information about timings and deadline as well as our terms and conditions, too.


Edeltraud  knows: „The German language has so many rules. It´s impossible to learn it by yourself.”

Our next classes will start on September 30th 2019!

DEADLINE for payments is September 2oth 2019!


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Where are the classes?

Our classes take place in our either in our new central rooms at Landwehrstr. 44 (five minutes from Central Station) or at our cozy rooms at Camerloher Str. 56 which are two minutes away from subway station “Laimer Platz” (U5).

For general information, placement tests, cash payments or just a look at our classrooms, please visit us at our office at Landwehrstr. 44!


When are the classes?

Detailed list intensive classes September MORNING – all starting on Septemger 30th:

Course time
Course Course days
9:00-12:30 A1.1 (new)
Mo-Thu  Camerloherstr. 56
9:00-12:30 A1.2
Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
9:00-12:30 A2.1
Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
9:00-12:30 A2.2 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
9:00-12:30 B1.1
Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
9:00-12:30 B1.2
Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
9:00-12:30 B1.3
Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44 OR Camerloherstr. 56
9:00 – 12:30
Fit for B2: Grammar revision and conversation (new)
Landwehrstr. 44 OR Camerloherstr. 56
B2 Telc (new)
 Landwehrstr. 44 OR Camerloherstr. 56
9:00-12:30 B2 Mo-Thu  Camerloherstr. 56
9:00-12:30 C1
Mo-Thu   Camerloherstr. 56


Detailed list intensive classes OCTOBER AFTERNOON – all starting on Septemger 30th:

Course time
Course Course days
13:00-16:30 A1.1 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 A1.2 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 A2.1 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 A2.2 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 B1.1 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 B1.2 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 B1.3 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 B2 Mo-Thu Landwehrstr. 44
13:00-16:30 C1 Mo-Thu  Landwehrstr. 44


Detailed list evening classes October / November

Please find our new course calendar here. You can search for level or course start.

Begin date
Course Course days
Landwehrstr. 44
30.09.2019 A2.1 Mo+Wed Landwehrstr. 44
30.09.2019 B1.2 Mo+Wed Landwehrstr. 44 OR Camerloherstr. 56
30.09.2019 B2 Mo+Wed Camerloherstr. 56
30.09.2019 A1.1 (new)
Camerloherstr. 56
01.10.2019 B1.1 Tue+Thu Landwehrstr. 44
01.10.2019 A2.2 Tue+Thu Camerloherstr. 56
01.10.2019 C1 Tue+Thu Camerloherstr. 56
 according to demand Professional writing (new) Mo Camerloherstr. 56
according to demand Grammar class (new) Mo Camerloherstr. 56
according to demand Professional conversation (new) Tue+Thu Camerloherstr. 56


Course times

Type of course
Time Course days
Intensive course morning 9:00-12:30 Monday to Thursday
Intensive course afternoon 13:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday
Evening course 18:00-21:15 Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday and Thursday


Grammar course


18:00-21:15 Monday
Professional writing 18:00 – 21:15

Professional conversation


18:00-21:15 Monday and Tuesday


Courses 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Our part-time evening classes run for two course months!

Month Course period
01.04.2019-02.05.2019 (ATTENTION: one week holiday from 22.04.-25.04.)
August  29.07.2019-22.08.2019



What is the price for the classes?

At only 250€ for 64 hours (intensive class) and 280€ for 64 hours of German (part-time evening classes), Edeltraud is the most inexpensive provider of German lessons in Munich.

The tuition fee should be paid in advance of the course by bank transfer. Alternatively, you can pay cash at our office.


  • Intensive class: 250€
  • Evening class:
    • 280€ for one level (8 weeks)
    • 200€ for half a level (4 weeks)
  • Grammar class: 80€
  • Writing or Conversation Class: 150€
  • Mother-child German: 130€

Why is the price so low?

Edeltraud thinks: “Education is a human right. Everyone should be able to afford it!”

This is why Edeltraud is a Non-Profit-Organisation, meaning we are not allowed to make profit. With your fees, we are paying our administration and the rent. Furthermore, we pay our teachers appropiately, of course, since good work and dedication have to be honoured!


General information about the classes (terms and conditions)

Additional offer: German Conversation Club

For registered students, all offers of our German Conversation Club are free. Not included are entrance fees and tickets for excursions.

Placement test

As a new student to Edeltraud, or in case you took a break of at least 4 weeks  it is compulsory to take a placement test (free of charge) before we can confirm your class / level.

Course books

Edeltraud uses the books of the Schubert-Verlag and “Wolkenkratzer“. The course books are not included in the course fee. Students can buy the book at the office or on the first day of class.

National holidays

There will be no classes on official holidays (local, regional, and national) and they will not be retaken or refunded. Students may make arrangements with their teachers concerning missed classes.


All cancellations have to be submitted in writing at least 1 working day prior to course start. A cancellation on the day of the course start is not possible. If participants do not show up at the course start, the full amount for the course has to be paid.

Minimum number of participants

If the number of participants on one course level is under 8, we reserve the right to cancel the class or reduce the weekly lessons.

Irregular attendance

In case of irregular attendance, we cannot refund the course fees or offer replacement classes. Students may make arrangements with their teachers concerning missed classes. A withdrawal of the registration after course start is not possible.

Follow-up course

If you are already attending a German course at Edeltraud and would like to attend the course in the following month, you must register in good time, either in the office or by email. There is no automatic course place reservation.


Which classes do you offer?

Intensive courses

Edeltraud offers specialised German classes in small groups as intensive courses:

Evening classes

In our part time evening classes twice a week we offer the following courses:

Furthermore, we offer the following courses for advanced learners in our part time evening or afternoon classes:

*NEW* Special classes


You are looking for a course not listed here?
Generally, every course will take place if there is a minimum of eight participants. So if you need a course not listed above, write us. We will then offer the course, and if we get enough registrations for it, it will take place. You can choose from the following options:

  • German courses for levels A1.1 – C2
  • Test preparation for the formats Test DaF, DSH, Telc, Goethezertifikat
  • special writing exercises and conversation trainigs for professional use



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