At Edeltraud’s, you can rent rooms that are unique for Munich:
central (close to the main station) but quiet, unexpensive, uncomplicated.

For meetings, trainings or workshops, we offer bright rooms close to
Munich Central Station that accommodate up to 15 people. Each room is equipped with a projector, a screen and a whiteboard.

You can also rent a large hall for yoga classes, celebrations, art events or dance events. The large hall is about 100 square meters and is suitable for events of up to 60 people.

Coffee machine and kettle for tea are included in the room rental. Rent rooms just 2 minutes from the subway station Theresienwiese and 4 minutes from Munich main station and use the quiet backyard for your coffee breaks.
For NPOs and associations, the rent for the rooms will be reduced.


Call us for details!


FAQs for room rental

What is the room rent?

1. All prices for our seminar rooms are all inclusive, i.e. with projector, screen, whiteboard and coffee.

The room rent for NPOs or associations is 23€ per hour and room. The rent for a whole day (9:00 – 20:30) for NPO`s and clubs is 160€ per room.

For all other tenants, the rent is 29€ per hour and room, the full-day rent of a room is € 220

2. The room rent for the large hall (100sqm) for NPOs and associations is 150€ for 4 hours (half day) and 270€ for 8 hours (full day).

For all other tenants, the rent of the large hall is 220€ for 4 hours (half day) and 300€ for 8 hours (full day).

ATTENTION: The recognition of the tax office as a non-profit organisation is required in order to use the discounted tariff. The document must be presented when renting the rooms.

What is included in the rent?

In the room rental of the seminar rooms is included a projector, a screen, a whiteboard, as well as a coffee machine and kettle for tea.

For the big hall by arrangement.

For possible damage, a liability insurance is required.

How are the rooms equipped?

The seminar rooms are equipped with a projector, a screen, a whiteboard, as well as
tables and chairs for up to 15 people.

How much is the cleaning of the rooms?

The cleaning of the rooms costs 50 € per room.

Can you cancel?

Yes, you can cancel. Up to 3 working days (72 hours) before the start of the
Room rent we will refund the rent to 100%.
Up to one working day (24 hours) before the start of the room rental we will refund the
Rent back to 60%.
If you cancel the room within less than 24 hours before the start of the room rental, the rent nevertheless will be 100% due, we do not refund anything.

How big are the rooms and where are they?

The rooms are located on the mezzanine floor of a three-storey building in a quiet backyard just 4 minutes from Munich main station. Due to the location, the rooms are very quiet despite being very central. The rooms are between 20sqm and 30sqm in size. There is room for 12 to 15 people per room. Our large hall of 100 square meters can accommodate up to 60 people.

Can I park in the backyard?

No. Unfortunately, parking in the backyard is not allowed. Short-term deliveries are possible. The subway lines 1, 2, 4, 5, as well as all lines of the suburban trains, 8 tram lines and several bus lines are within walking distance in 4 minutes.

How are the rooms publicly connected?

The underground station Theresienwiese (U4/U5) is within 2 minutes walking distance. Munich Central Station is within 4 minutes walking distance. The Karlspaltz Stachus is also within 4 minutes walking distance.

How can I book?

Please send your booking request to or use our contact form or call us at our office hours.

Code of Ethics.

Edeltraud – Deutsche Sprache und Kultur is a charitable and non-profit organisation which advocates a fair, democratic, anti-racist, anti-homophobic environment and disassociates itself from all forms of violence, of both words and actions. We support and value inter-cultural exchanges and interreligious dialogue from people of all ethnicities, nations; religions and lifestyles.

  • We are open to rent our rooms to every person and organisation who values our above described code of ethics.
  • We reserve the right to cancel – at any time – any sublet contracts from people or organisations who do not comply with the above. We are not liable to cover any costs or repercussions thereof from a cancelled contract owing to a breach of conditions.