Welcome home to Munich!

Edeltraud is the club house of the German Conversation Club Munich: a place to learn German, meet friends and get to know Munich. Here, you can find the most inexpensive German courses of Munich and about 20 events per month where you can practice German in your spare time.

Here is a short video about us – it is in German, but you can activate English subtitles:



What do we do at Edeltraud?

People from all over the world, of any age or religion and with diverse concepts of life come here to mingle with German natives. They want to improve their German language skills and feel at home in Munich as fast as possible.

Together we

  • read German books and newspapers,
  • watch German movies (with German subtitles),
  • have breakfast,
  • play conversation games,
  • decorate our club house,
  • look after our small garden,
  • cook meals from all over the world,
  • do sports and bike tours,
  • discover Munich and Bavaria by going on exursions, town treasure hunts etc.
  • have parties – and clean up together the next day 🙂
  • organise exhibitions, concerts and other events

We do everything people do when they feel at home somewhere.
The only rule: We only speak German with each other!
Since when you are learning a language, the saying applies “Use it or lose it!” No matter where you are, while shopping, doing Yoga, at the bank or the doctor’s, you can always learn if you don’t avoid the language but use it actively!

If you

  • are looking for the cheapest German course in Munich,
  • want to take a German language test,
  • want to learn how to write German texts and letters or
  • have to present something in German,

Edeltraud will help you as well. For more information please click here.


Who is doing that and how did it come about?

In May 2017 we – a group of committed Munich women – have founded the “German Conversation Club Munich”, a leisure group for learners of German. With didactic leisure activities such as reading books with vocabulary and grammar explanations, brunch with conversation games, excursions etc., we have created a way to practice German in everyday life, to make friends and to discover Munich. This offer was well received really quickly.

Since June 2017, the non-profit organization “Deutschzentrum München e.V.” (DZM) is the institution behind the activities. As a NPO, the DZM runs the EDELTRAUD as a cultural venue for readings, exhibitions, lessons, concerts and much more. For the core work of the project, the Conversation Club, club members and teachers all volunteer.

In autumn 2017, we have opened the “EDELTRAUD West” in Laim, which hosts our Meetups and German lessons at cost price. Thanks to our idealistic and fair approach, we were able to retain very good teachers, which meant that the demand for German courses grew so much that EDELTRAUD West was no longer sufficient. We were lucky and found more rooms in a central location, so in the fall of 2018, we were able to open the “EDELTRAUD Mitte” at Muünchner Hbf. Here we have even more space for readings, exhibitions, parties and of course the lessons.


What is so special about Edeltraud?

We want to promote integration into German society and values ​​such as respect, intercultural exchange, community and ecological and social fairness. That’s why the EDELTRAUD is different:

  • There are no “owners”; Any money earned will be shared equally among all participants.
  • Education is a human right! Therefore, we offer the most affordable intensive courses in Munich, which makes the question of education is not a question of the purse.
  • Compared to other self-financed schools, we pay our fees above average and, after a year of successful cooperation, we set them firmly, which is an exception in the industry and counteracts the dumping wages in the DAF area.
  • We consume ecologically fair: vegan food, used furniture, office supplies from eco-shipping …
  • In terms of course content, we focus on holistic learning methods and playfully contribute to integration.
  • We have no desire for expansion, we strive for quality instead of size and we contrast the eternal “more, more” with our happy “enough is enough”!


What do others say about Edeltraud?

German Conversation Club Munich: Excursions, brunch, book club, film club – a colourful concept that appeals to many!

I have found the Meet and Read (book group) to be really useful with improving my German vocabulary and pronunciation. The group has a good mixture of people from all over the world and it’s a great place to learn and meet people at the same time. The books or articles we have read so far or are in the process of reading, have been interesting and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend the Meet and Read group to all new learners of the German language – and even those who are not new but would like more practice! Zum Schluß, die Gruppe macht viel spaß, ist sehr gut zum Uben und man kann hier viel Leute kennen lernen.”
Julie (England) about Meet&Read

“Nette Leute von überall die sehr gut Deutsch sprechen. Organisation war super.”
Miryam (Tunesien) about the excursion “Starnberg Saturday”

“There are lots of different people, both foreigners as well as native germans. Activities are well organized and open to all levels of german. A very enjoyable sunday morning!”
Fernando (Spanien) about German Brunch Bunch

“Sehr gute erfahrung so weit. Ich habe eine Paar Termine besucht, and die Stimme, die Leute und der Organisator waren immer toll.”
Antonio (Spanien) about German Conversation Club as a whole

“Thanks Rose for this amazing club that you have created. I really have a lot of fun and I learn a lot.”
Daina (Kuba) about German Conversation Club as a whole

You can read all ratings on our Meetup site.


German classes at EDELTRAUD:

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