You are a doctor, pharmacist or nurse and would like to work in Germany? Or do you already work here, but would like to improve your technical language?
Which qualifications do you need? Which examinations are there for medical professions? How are these structured? Where can you take these examinations?
What are your options?

In our new course “German for Medical Professions” we answer these questions.

First and foremost, however, we will teach you the necessary medical terminology and prepare you for the standard language examinations for medical professions in Germany.

After the course, you …

  •  have the grammatical skills and the necessary specialized vocabulary for
    • medical history
    • Diagnostic report
    • Information about the expected health development
    • Information about planned examinations and treatments (type, extent, execution, consequences, risks, necessity, chances of success)
    • Information about alternative treatment options
    • Issue of behavioral guidelines for patients
    • Implementation of treatment documentation
    • other medical-technical communication
  • know the procedure of a medical language examination and have played through such an examination in the classroom on a trial basis.

When does the course take place and how much does it cost?

The intensive course “German for Medical Professions” takes place:

Mon-Thu 13:30-17:00

For 4 weeks (64 UE) it costs 350 €.


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