After the course, you …

  • can present a topic in front of a group in a structured way
  • are able to use helpful phrases spontaneously, quickly and correctly
  • can spontaneously summarise and explain a text or a diagram
  • speak about a subject sophisticatedly
  • can control your emotion and nervousness when speaking in front of a group

How do we proceed in this course?

You get to know different conversational situations and learn how to react.
At first, you will get a lot of help and instructions, but at the end of the course, you should try on your own. There will always be feedback and (if necessary) corrections from the teacher.

The teacher will record your presentation with a camera. Like that, you can check your posture, facial expression and gestures. Furthermore, after getting used to it, this will help you control your nervousness. This will prepare you for your working life, in which you probably will be nervous as well when having to present something in German.

For whom is this course suited?

The course is eligible for all who have to present, organise or negotiate at work.
Furthermore, it is also suitable for everyone who wants to prepare for an oral German test.
A profound B1+ (better: B2) level is an essential precondition for this German course.

Which book do we use?

For this course, the teacher will bring individual materials for every lesson, so you may always express wishes or make suggestions.
The class is based on the test formats telc B2 and C1 (German for professional use) and telc C1 for universities

When is the course and how much does it cost?

Four weeks (32 h) cost 150€. You can find the exact starting dates in our course calendar.

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