After the course, you can:

  • apply your grammatical knowledge with confidence
  • use sophisticaded grammatical constructions
  • Examples:
    • Satzbau in Hauptsätzen: TeKaMoLo und Negation – Satzteil und Satznegation
    • Nebensätze: relativ und subjunktional
    • Konjunktiv I und II
    • Futur
    • Deklinationen

How do we proceed in this course?

Every class focuses on one grammatical subject, for which the teacher will prepare special course material. Your grammatical basics will be recapped and enlarged.

For whom is this course suited?

The course is eligible for all who have want to improve their German grammar. It is designed as a repetition to re-structure existing grammatical knowledge
A profound B1+ level is an essential precondition for this German course.

Which book do we use?

For this course, the teacher will bring individual materials every lesson, so you may always express wishes or make suggestions.

When is the course and how much does it cost?

The  grammar course will take place:

  • Monday evening 18:00 – 21:15

Four weeks (16 h) cost 80€.

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