General information

About once a month, we make excursions together to get to know better Munich and its surroundings.

For our students, the offers of the German Conversation Club are generally free. Not included here are entrances and tickets for excursions.


The participants are liable for all damage caused by them and are obliged to provide compensation in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. The organizer does not accept any liability for any damages, even for injuries on the occasion of excursions. Participation in excursions organized by the German Conversation Club is at your own risk. The participants are neither accident nor health insured by Edeltraud.

Our excursions so far

  • Starnberg Saturday on 15.07.2017: a walking tour from Starnberg to Tutzing with an excursion to the “Roseninsel und Rückfahrt mit dem Boot
  • Excursion to Kloster Andechs at the Ammersee on 29.07.2017: an unhurried walking tour up to the cloister mount with a thorough exploration of the beer garden 😉 and bathing in the Ammersee afterwards
  • Visit of the Oktoberfests and the traditional part  “Oidn Wiesn” on 1.10.2017
  • Visit of the “Langen Nacht der Museen” in Munich on 15.10.2017: Stadtmuseum, Verkehrsmuseum u.v.a.
  • Visit of the night flea market at the Tonhalle on 11.11.2017
  • Excursion to Landshut with a visit to Castle Trausnitz and to the Christmas market on 16.12.2017
  • Excursion to Freising with a little sightseeing, then visit of the “Uferlos” festival on 6.5.2018
  • Visit of the Nymphenburg Palace Garden, the Botanical Garden and then of “Museum Mensch und Natur” in Munich on 20.5.2018
  • Excursion to Salzburg with sightseeing on 3.6.2018
  • Excursion to Regensburg with sightseeing on 24.6.2018
  • Excursion to Murnau am Staffelsee on 1.7.2018
  • Excursion to Nuremberg on 28.7.2018
  • Excursion to Augsburg on 25.8.2018

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