In this short videos, you can get an impression of our online classes 🙂


How’s the quarantine getting along? Why not use this time to start learning or polish up your German?

You might consider joining a German online class 😉

Above, you can find some examples from the A2 level.

Since we are using the Zoom platform, our classes will remain communicative! You can see and hear your teacher and your classmates – and they can see and hear you! Of course, you can always switch off your camera if you prefer to learn in your pajamas 😉

Furthermore, you can write messages to the teachers, one of your classmates or the whole group. Via this chat function, the teacher will also share documents with you. You can share your screen as well, for example to let the teacher check your work.

The teacher also will form little working groups for communicative partner work for two or more students.

And of course, the teacher will always be there for you (there is even a function for raising your hand) to answer your questions.

All you need is a (free) Zoom account, a stable internet connection and a computer with a headset.

Interested? Contact us or register here!