German Conversation Tours – visit Hamburg and learn German 14.-16.10.

Learn and practice German while visiting lovely German cities with a group of like-minded international people. Experienced German teachers will plan city tours for you which will be both fun and helping you with your German.

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die Elbphilharmonie und die Speicherstadt in Hamburg im Sonnenuntergang. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and the Speicherstadt in the sunset.

Our first German conversation tour will guide us to the second largest city (in the very north) of Germany: HAMBURG 🙂


2 junge Frauen im Verkehrsmuseum. Sie halten Materialien zum Deutsch lernen in der Hand und lächeln. Two young women in the traffic museum holding suitable learning materials for German in their hands and smiling.

As always the trip will have components to learn German, so you can practice your spoken German, learn new words, improve your listening and reading abilities – outside of the classroom, in daily life situations.


das Kriminaltheater in Hamburg. The Krime theater of Hamburg

Hamburg is famous for the biggest musical and theater scene in Germany. So of course, an evening in the theater can`t be missed! But we will help you with it, don’t worry! Before going to (maybe your first German) theater play, you will already have known the story and you will have learned the important German vocabulary.


Drei junge Deutschlernerinnen mit Drinks in der Hand in einer coolen Bar. Three young women who learn German with drinks in their hands in a cool bar.

The famous “St Pauli Clubhaus” is a bar where you will find furniture, bikes and bras hanging from the ceiling. That`s only one example for how creative and extraordanary Hamburg`s famous and cosmopolitical bar scene is. Of course we will go on a bar tour together.


Die berühmte Hamburger Speichstast. The famous Hamburg Speicherstadt.

The “Speicherstadt” is a beautiful sign and symbol of the maritime economy of Hamburg. The colourful “St Pauli” district with the famous “Reeperbahn” and the lovely “Karoviertel” with many small shops and coffeeshops and small restaurants will give you an authentic impression of what “Hamburg” really means. We will be on an interactive tour together. You will learn a lot about Hamburg, as well as German 🙂


Eine Gruppe junger Deutschlerner stehen im Inneren eines Atoms in einem Museum. A group of young German learners standing in the inside of an Atom in a Museum.

Of course there are many singular museums in Hamburg such as the “Miniatur-Wunderland” or the “St Pauli Museum”.


Apfelkuchen und Kaffee auf einem Holztisch. Applecake and coffee on a wooden table.

You get lovely drinks and good food in the beach cafes or sitting directly on the sand at the beach.


Deutschlerner am Strand vor dem Cafe Strandperle in Hamburg. German learners at the beach in front of Cafe Strandperle in Hamburg.

The beach cafe “Strandperle” is the hotspot for Hamburg’s inhabitants whenever it’s sunny. We will have our German Brunch on Sunday there, provided it`s not raining!


Eine Deutschlehrerin im Hamburg mit Wind im Haar. A German teacher in Hamburg with lots of wind in her hair.

As ususal, you will have 2 German natives with you to help you out with words and phrasings, and since one of them is a German teacher, you can be sure that you will learn a lot and that no question (about German, not about life 🙂 ) will remain unanswered.



Eine Gruppe von Deutschlernern in ihren Zwanzigern und Dreißigern sitzen um einen Tisch und spielen Konversationsspiele zum Deutschlernen. A group of German learners in their twenties and thirties sitting around a table playing conversational German games.

The members of the German Conversation Club Hamburg are, like you, lovely people from all over the world, learning German. So you can make friends in Hamburg at our get together at a lovely rooftop bar, at the bar evening or the German brunch.


Eine Frau und ein Mann lernen zusammen Deutsch. Sie lacht sehr stark.A woman and a man learning German together. The woman is laughing hard.

Come with us to Hamburg on October 14 – 16! Practice your German, explore one of the most exciting cities of Germany with us, make friends and have fun! We are looking forward to seeing you there 🙂


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Please be aware that you will have to organize the journey and accomondation yourself. Flixbus, ICE, Airbnb, jouth hostels and ebab are still really affordable.

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